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The Power of Space


BluPrint Webzine

Nazareno+Guerrero brings the art of connecting with nature into The Perch.

For Anthony Nazareno, a powerful space — architectural or otherwise — manifests itself clearly. People don’t have to linger in an area to perceive its power, he noted. “When you understand clearly, when you feel it, when you see it, then the space becomes more endearing. We can walk through a space and find how empowering it can be." One of his firm’s latest projects, a weekend home in Antipolo City they dubbed The Perch, is one such exceptional place. The project came with challenges, but it was actually the obstacles themselves that led Anthony to the concept for the design. When he visited the property with the owners for the first time, he immediately understood what he and his team needed to work with.

When the pandemic happened, weekend homes became necessities to those who could afford it. They were no longer mere places for holidays and short breaks. Instead, they became a refuge for families to keep a safe distance from crowded cities. However, for Anthony, this new reality shouldn’t keep weekend homes from serving their primary purpose. It actually became one of the most important ideas that he experimented with for The Perch.

“I wanted this house to speak about outdoor living. You can visualize how the owners would want to enjoy a change of scenery during a long weekend,” he said, on the motivation behind the resort life he envisioned for the project. “Essentially, the owners of this house would already be in an outdoor space. I did not want a hallway to obstruct their way to the outdoor space. As you can see, as soon as you step out of any of the bedrooms, you are already outdoors. That direct access to spectacular scenery and bright atmosphere is what I wanted them to have.”

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