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Catching the Drift


3 Tropical Architecture for the 21st Century

Strong breezes continuously refresh the Kiwi Street Residence, taking the heat out of tropical suburban living.

With the house located on the way to Tagaytay, the cooler rural climate is palpable. Breezes are constant and abundant within the vicinity, as such, there was no other option but to make the most of the unique local conditions. Once inside, one can fully appreciate how much of a receptacle the house is to the elements. Drawing back the floor-to-ceiling living room windows, the front porch becomes an extension of the living-dining room.

During the rainy season, raindrops clatter the windows bringing proper cross-ventilation which in turn means a vast reduction in air conditioning usage. Accordingly, the openings to all the rooms have been designed with full operability. This house performs in the tropics with remarkable aplomb.

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