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Permanent Pleasures


Volume 03 2019

The Celery Residence. A strip of fence wall appears to balance on a block of lava stone; a pane of glass deftly completed the illusion of openness through to the front door. The clean-cut black lava stones appear to prop up the fence and clad the front elevation. This contrast of light finishes with the darkness of the volcanic stone became the architect's starting point for this house.

The door handle is the handshake of the building, which the live-edged gray Marquina stone turns into a highlight of the residence.

Nazareno + Guerrero Design Consultancy's propensity for fine detailing and materials curation raise the bar high as far as private residential construction in this country is concerned. Apart from satisfying the needs of the clients who appoint them, and their pursuit of design excellence for every home they complete, the firm's body of work challenges other local architects to set their sights even higher. Neighborhoods here are all the more beautiful for it.

  • Carlos, Lawrence. "Permanent Pleasures." BluPrint. Volume 03 2019. 20 August 2019.


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