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Beauty In Limits


April 2016

The Nightingale Residence. Balancing out the negatives and positives of an 80s house, the house was refurbished into a minimalist beauty. Being on a corner lot freed it from being hemmed in by neighboring houses, and the absence of a front gate and perimeter wall opened up the possibility of creating a dramatic facade and entrance.

Utilizing this entrance, a kalachuchi was relocated to a small pocket in the south corner of the lot. This minimalist approach extends to the facade, with a brise soleil screen installed on the left to protect from direct sunlight. Carbon fiber retrofitting was applied to the existing structural members to strengthen the house against earthquakes, this also helped to avoid erecting additional columns and new beams.

  • Llona, Miguel R. "Beauty In Limits." BluPrint. Volume 04 2016. 01 February 2019.


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