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Architecture is life


Special Issue No. 02 - 2018

Bluprint's second special issue of the year contains manifestos of architects, designers, and allied professionals who are shaking things up in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Architecture is life. It should be sustainable. We should realize that our environment affects our design, and our design affects our environment.

Architecture is holistic. It is everything under the sun. We should work with the forces of nature and these should blend with our building design. We cannot go against it.....Architects must be aware of the many benefits they can acquire from nature itself. At the end of the day, our architecture should best aim for thermal comfort for the health and well-being and productivity of occupants.

There are still a lot of things that we as architects should think and perform while we still face the challenges of climate change. We must find ways to sustain life though architecture. Green architecture and sustainability should already be the taught in school as a regular subject.

For as long as our firm, Nazareno+Guerrero Design Consultancy, is known by its works in which humanity is able to enjoy the comforts of its own spaces, then architecture is served at its best. The firm's foundation is rooted in high socio-cultural values in training the younger generation of of architecture to think holistically and sustainably. It possesses the realms of modern age design processes that cater to both the upper and lower brackets of society. This allows us to connect and create an interaction with the different sectors in society.

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