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Simple Geomtery

Elle Decoration Philippines

October/November 2015

The architect liked the mid century-modern structure's geometric exterior volumes and the delicate levity of its interior spaces. All he needed to do was add modern comforts, as per the instruction of his client, and make the newly acquired house attuned to the times. While staying mindful to the structure's essence, Anthony added carefully considered ornamentation such as split-faced granite stone cladding that contrast with the fragile architectural features.

I wanted to keep the mid century-modern lines of the house. I didn't do too much to it, to keep from loosing what the original designer had envisioned. I just added some texture.

For the most of the ground-floor sections, glass sliding doors separate the different areas, thus enhancing the structure's openness and allowing for the wood ornamentation to assert the house's domestic character, adding color and warmth to the stone and concrete shell.

The house's openness was its most outstanding character and I made sure that this was what I would feel even after we were done.

The resulting work reveals both the original architect's formal gestures seamlessly merged with Anthony's more expressive vocabulary.

  • Veyra, Devi De. "Simple Geometry." Elle Decoration Philippines. 01 February 2019.


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