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Design Dynasty

Anthony Nazareno and Rita Nazareno Reinvent The Future of Design.


BluPrint Perspective

Siblings have a unique bond that can last a lifetime and often become people’s longest relationships. Siblings can have a significant influence on each other, from what they do to their perspectives in life. Two of the most influential and respected creatives in the Philippines today are siblings Architect Anthony Nazareno and Designer Rita Nazareno who share the same values and vision for the future of design. The design-oriented siblings are not afraid to experiment in using different techniques and materials to come up with new concepts. Their mastery of their crafts let them integrate each other’s design concepts into one cohesive design narrative without losing their individual identities.

BluPrint has worked with both siblings individually but having them in one room exudes a fun, positive energy. The bond they share allows them to collaborate seamlessly despite being in different fields. One of their latest projects together is the Bahay Huni in a gated community in Alabang, Muntinlupa.

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